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Yellow Ribbons Campaign


I heard yesterday that anti-war demonstrators in Oregon are burning our country's flag and threatening the lives of our fire fighters & 
police officers for displaying the American 
Flag.  (There has been great violence done already, to the extent that city officials are actually removing our National Flag to protect the lives of these men & women.)
I know it is their American right because of Freedom of Speech . . . but it sickens my stomach to even think about such ignorance.  Ignorance?  Yes!  Ignorance!  These demonstrators are "against war" but are threatening to "kill" innocent public servants . . . they are making "war" right in their own city/town.  Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture . . . or am I the only one?
Anyway, the broadcast reminded me that 
during the Gulf War in 1991, a cry was sent 
out across our nation, to display yellow 
ribbons, to let our soldiers know that we supported & loved them.  (From the old song:  "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree"  
It was my understanding, that Americans 
rallied together to tie yellow ribbons, in hopes to counteract any anti-war demonstations, like above and similar to those that occured during the Vietnam War.  (At the end of Vietnam, our soldiers returning home, were spit on, mocked, rejected, etc.  They did not receive any respect, appreciation or the big parades to welcome them home as other soldiers in prior wars.  It was despicable, how they were treated.)  
Americans wanted our soldiers in the Gulf War to know that:
    "Even though we may not agree with war . . .
     we DO support, love & appreciate our troops."
Let's do it again.  
I want to encourage all of you to tie yellow ribbons on your:
    Car Antennas        Lamp posts                Deck
    Mailboxes              Trees in your yard      Etc.
AND then . . . PLEASE PASS THIS ON.    (The only great thing that might happen, if you forward this. . . is that Americans might 
UNITE . . . once again . . . for a CAUSE.)
No.  Maybe it will not STOP the demonstrations.
But, MAYBE it will boost the morale of our troops, as well as, our public servants here at home.





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