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A True Story

This happened to a very good friend of mine....I do not neccessary agree with war either..but 
somebody has to stop this man so why not us????...This was a cruel thing this man did to her children..these kids are innocent they are suffering enough because of a family member that is gone it mom or dad...

So I would like to ask each and everyone of my friends....please if you have an opinion about this war....dont share it with a child and please dont share it with the wife or husband of one of our military.

If you cant say anything nice.......DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. to quote a very famous rabbit.....I myself would love to say....THANK YOU TO ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN 
who are fighting in this....the sacrific you have given and the stand you have taken have given us the freedom we know from the bottom of my heart...

God bless you all....Veronica

This is my friends story

Its not often I feel the need to share an events that has happened to me with everyone especially with people i don't know bu this has to be known. 
I don't really care much about opinions of some people especially when it comes to our countrys war on Irag for the freedom of iraq's people. everyone has a right to there own opinion right. It is someone's choice to support the troops or not right who am i to say they are wrong or the families of the soldiers are wrong to support their husbands and wives and the jobs they hold. I am one of those wives I support my husband i support the guys he works with but when an attack is made on my family I fight. 

As a military wife I have my job be mommy and daddy when daddy is gone, pay the bills, and do all the other daddy things and people really don't know how it feels. On an everday basis you are invisible and no one cares who you are or what you drive, they don't notice the military stickers on your car or the id you hand them. You are one of them. You go to war all of a sudden they notice the wives and the children. Some say we are praying for you, thankyou for suporting your husband he couldn't do it without you, tell your husband i wish him safe. Then one deals a low blow to a child and it is your child. 
I took my children for ice cream the other day we were all missing daddy and i thought it was a good idea and the kids deserved it. We left base where we lived and went into town i was getting my children out of our car an this couple as they walk pass our car says hey your husband in the navy? I started to say yes as my little girl said "My daddy on the boat" so much pride and love in her voice. Guy looks at her and says "aren't you a cutie? you know your daddy is going to rote in hell for killing innocent people and children like you?" They walked off My Jaw dropped as a gasped for air the horror washing over me as i grabed my kids and put them back in the car. All the way back to the base I here questions mommy whats Hell? mommy daddy kills? mommy does daddy kill? Why they no like my daddy? Daddy in trouble? Mommy dad help good guys right? Mom whats kill? 
What are you suppose to say to a 3 yr old who is starting to understand and whats to know these answer? What are you suppose to think as the horrified mother that someone in this country can walk up to you and say such horrible things to a family of a soldier who has and is protecting that freedom of speech and the right to think such thoughts. 
Do me a favor the next time you see a military family that is missing a member tell them hi and thankyou. Wether or not you support their spouses decision to serve in this military or fight the fight please be nice. 
We are not monsters we have feeling and we care probably more then the next time. we have rocky times every day are men are gone please make it better not worse. 
Just so you know this really did happen. And please feel free to share this story with everyone you know maybe someone with a cruel heart will see there mistake. Love the ones around you please don't hate. 
Thank you