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The War Has Begun ~ Let Us Pray

As I sat here watching the TV and seeing the first
 of the war HIT HARD!
 With sadness and tears, and with a heavy heart,
I ask and pray..

 Dear Lord, please watch over our Men and Women
 fighting for our freedom and safety.

 Lord, please be with the families and friends of all our 
brave, courageous  troops, here at home.

 Dear Lord, cover our troops with Your love and wrap 
Your loving arms about them and build a hedge of 
protection about them.

 Lord, please let them hear and feel our prayers, love, 
and appreciation for them and their families.

 Lord, grant them strength through this time of war. Wrap
Your loving arms around their families and give them a 
peace that surpasses all understanding.

 Lord, I ask that You replace any fear with that peace for 
us all.

 Lord, please be with our President and leaders as they do 
what they feel led by You to do and give them courage and 
strength and wisdom to continue to be  led by YOU.

 Lord, you know my heart and You know it is heavy right 

I have friends  and loved ones who have Sons, Daughters, 
Husbands, Wives, Sisters and Brothers, Aunts and Uncles, 
Grandchildren and Cousins and friends fighting  for us, and I 
pray You will let them feel my prayers and love for them.

 I also pray for the safety of the innocent ones in Iraq.

 Dear Lord, this is a sad night but one that had to come. It is
just hard, now  that it has begun.

 Let us all continually pray for our brave troops and leaders 
of our Country, our United States of America, one Nation 

 I will be careful to give You the Honor, Glory, and Praise.
 In Jesus' precious name I ask these things.

 God bless each of you.
 With much love,

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