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 *~United We Stand~*

Our eyes were full of tears today,
As we watched them leave
Off to a distant foreign shore,
For them our heats will grieve.

They are husbands. sons and fathers,
All facing the unknown
Committed to fight for freedom,
In a far away war zone.

A silent bond between those left,
As we begin to pray
Asking God to protect them all,
Watch over them each day.

For our Service Men and Women,
Our hearts are full of pride
We know whatever does befall,
Our God is by their side.

We will look forward to the day,
When loved ones will return
With them they will bring victory!
And Peace for which we yearn.
Let's lift our voice to God in prayer,
Ask Him to Bless our land
Pray for those in authority,
As United We Stand!

©~ southbreeze~
Used with permission