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Little prayer go far and wide
Bless our Soldiers filled with pride
Let them know how much we care
Within this life our daily prayer

Hand of Jesus always there
Guiding them with love to share
Keep them safe and always blest
Within this time of great unrest

Know they serve their country best
Their loyalty is proven test
Each and every soldier's soul
Bears the burden of this goal

All the red the white and blue
Colors that they wear so true
Sacrifice each day they make
For country's honor no disgrace

Born of glory and always free
Committed for humanity
Keep them safe and bring them home
Our country's best are not alone

Let them know Your Love is there
In undaunted daily prayer
Bless Our Soldiers every day
Heroes never fade away.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright March 19, 2003
Used with authors permission

March 22, 2003