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Soldier's Prayer for His Family

He looked down at his little girl just learning to walk
And her brother who was busy at play
He looked at his wife who smiled thru her tears
They had just found out he was being called away

How could he face telling them  all goodbye
When it came time for him to depart
His country needed him now  but so did they
He prayed earnestly straight from his heart

"Lord, please stand guard over my family for me
For I You know that you love them even more than I do
Like so many times I now trust in Your Love
For I have always known I could count on you"

"Lord, that little baby girl that is crawling on the floor
And that little man playing and my wonderful brave wife
Please take care of them while I am gone off to war
For God You and  them represent my whole life."

"Please let this war be over soon 
So I can be with them again
For now I am placing them in Your precious hands
Thank you for listening Lord-Amen!

Jack Young(C)2/22/03
Used with authors permission
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