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"Silence Of War"

The eerie silence of the night
No movement or sounds can be heard
Smoke still in the air
While everything is blurred.
Then a siren sounds
Denoting bombs have just hit
Reporters are busy doing their job
Of all that happened they transmit.
We sit there and watch
As the war unfolds
Curiously wondering
All that beholds.
There is no winner
Of this I feel
Telling myself
Maybe this is surreal.
Innocents dying
Injury list high
Horrendous times
That is an outcry.
How many wars 
Do we have to fight?
Till there are no more terrorists
Fighting for the limelight.
Let us pray my friends
For peace and goodwill
For blood will be shed

© March 20, 2003
Used with authros permission
Sherry Tillman Email  Author Here

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Our God Reigns Ministries, Pastor Janette Stewart