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Where my ancestors jumped the broom
Among the sugar cane and cotton
The blood soaked soil remembers my father
Claiming America as my legacy

So, Sadam it's "Showtime"

cries the spirit of the Buffalo Soldiers
Risings over the horizons are Tuskegee airmen
these spirits will guide our troops through
resiliency is the color of integration

So, Sadam, it's "Showtime"

A nation in it's prime, the star of the planet
Like Hip-Hop is to music
Some love us, some hate us, and few understand us
Still, freedom makes for good Acoustics

So, Sadam it's "Showtime"

The Jay Z's might rap the Anthem
Marvin Gaye made love to the song
Unfastening the passion in our hearts
For a country where black dreams belong

So, Sadam, it's "showtime"

We've been though slavery
Lynching, segregation, racial discrimination
Without succumbing to terror
Without the United Nations, that's bravery

So, Sadam, it's "Showtime"

Fear all the ethic struggles and differences
So they may not rescind in support
of a common enemy that hides behind
the words of God, instead of being his will of resolve

So Sadam it's "Show time"

There's a hundred million Souls invested
Alone, black children, men and women
Built on their backs the, America I love
And we shall let no man put asunder

So, Sadam, it's "Showtime"

Author: Eric 
Used with authors permission
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