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Put a Name on Your Prayer

Would you put Joey's name on
your prayer?

Of course, the men that serve under him, 
call him Captain Joe Goodell.
But to me, he's Joey, and always will be.

Because I've watched him grow, from the
baby pounding his head, and banging the 
sides of his crib, till the wee morning hours,
unless we picked me up.
(that alone should have given us a big hint
on what kind of a man he would be, a
"never giving up man".

To that kid that stood in front of the mirror
combing his hair, just a certain way, before 
he'd head for school.

To the day, I caught him smoking cigerettes
behind the house, with his friend. Needless to
say, he hasen't smoked since then.

To the man who went to  Ft. Bragg,
And made all of us so proud.

But the man that stands out in my memory,
Is the man holding his daughter so close
to his heart, and writing a poem to his wife,
telling her she was the light and soul of his life.
So put a name on your prayer today,
And call it "joey".

Author ~ Dkd© 
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