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Preparing For Battle

Lord, keep us ever vigilant as our armor is put in place
 for the battleground is ready and we need some extra 
 Let Your blessings fall upon us as we sound the warrior's
 while comforting our loved ones who fear that we may
 Keep Your hand upon our head when we have no time 
to pray
 for the terror of the war may surround us any day.

 Lord, we ask Your choicest blessings on those we must
leave behind;
mothers, fathers, sons and daughters...Lord, protect 
them and be kind.
 Hold their hand when they are worried, let our messages 
get through,
 for Lord you know that each of us relies solely on You.
 There will be unfamiliar trials that they're not yet equipped 
to face,
 but by prayer they too will be prepared by Your amazing 

Give us courage to face the enemy, help us persevere 
until the end,  seeking freedom for the oppressed, while 
our country we defend.
If the days of war are lengthened, Lord, give us added 
strength to stand and steadfastly proclaim Your truth over
in some foreign land.
Draw us ever closer to You as we bow our heads in prayer,
 seeking always to do Your will so we will not falter there.

 Let  the peace that passeth understanding be etched 
deeply in each heart,  assured that when You go before
us, we will not fall apart.
And if, perchance, we are wounded, or must lay down 
our life one day, still with thanksgiving on our lips, we'll 
praise You, Lord, all the way.
For You are the joy of our salvation, our hope of life in 
eternity, as when we leave this earth behind, we'll dwell 
with You in victory.

 But until that day's upon us, bravely we will face anew
every trial, every conflict, armed with Your power through 
and through!


Author: Lynn
Used with authors permission
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God Bless our troops
and their family and friends
They need our prayers and support