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Prayer for Peace

 How brave they are these fighting men of ours
 They know not if it will be days or just hours
 Until again they are asked to willingly go
 To once again face another Freedom's foe
 And the families they leave behind are heroes too
 Though it must be devastating they still make do
 They do not whine, they do not fuss and moan
 They pray for their loved ones and carry on

 God in Your wisdom please let it be
 Let this be the last war that we'll ever see
 Lord, please teach all mankind to love
 Please Lord watch over us from up above
 Lord, You have been with us so many times before
 Please lead to  us peace Lord and  and banish  all war
 Watch over our brave fighters as they face the unknown
 And Lord, let each one know they are not in this alone
 Lord, I will close with this simple prayer
 Be with our loved ones no matter where
 If they must fight Lord give them victories
 And bring them back safely to their families
 Jack Young(C)3/19/03
Used with permission
23rd March 2002
Email Author: Jack Young