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Good Morning!

Our God has blest this nation of ours
and given us the best so I just want to 
offer my prayer to Him this morning.......

My PrayerFor Peace

Lord we come before you in love and humility
Giving thanks to you for our freedom
and for our liberty;
We thank you Lord for giving to us your peace and prosperity.

You've also given to us the desire and hope 
to live together in peace harmony,
You 've filled our hearts with compassion for those
whose lives have been filled with fear 
and misery!
Who've not known the meaning of
peace and liberty!
We are now at war with evil tyrants
who have no regard for 
human life;
Who have perpetrated such monstrocities 
and caused so much pain
and strife.
We are aware and know full well
that peace does not come easily and
we also know that war is hell!
We lift up our President to you oh Lord
and our men and women in the
who have had to leave home and families
to protect and keep us safe 
and free.
We ask that you keep your hand upon them
and cover them with your sheltering
We pray this war will be over soon and 
once more the sound of liberty
will ring!
There'll be some we know won't make
it home
and our thoughts will be with them
We can't mend the broken hearts and the
tears we cannot stem;
So we ask you Lord to heal their hearts
and bring your peace to them 
We will honor those who so bravely fought
and gave their all
And remember how they proudly
answered their country's call!

Written by
~Helen Johnson~