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Message to Iraq Demonstrators

Before the war started
People yelling No War, No War
Donít need all that blood and gore
Guess it made some sense then
Called it intelligent reaction
But after the war got going
What intelligence were they showing
After the fact isnít too smart
The damage has been done
The government wonít quit
So why a conniption fit
But Uncle Sam said donít sweat Ďem
Let them show their stupidity
Let them wave their signs and battle axes
Long as they keep paying their taxes

Pray For Our Troops

Father,  we pray and 
confess that the Spirit of the Lord will 
rest upon our troops, as they go into harms
way. We pray and believe that no weapon 
formed against them shall prosper. We give 
you Lord all the praise and the glory. We 
pray the hedge of protection around them,
right now, in the name of Jesus. We thank 
You Father, that You will be a wall of fire 
around them and camp legions of angels around 
them, and we ask You to place Your protection
to keep them from all harm. 

Author ~ CamposGac91786 
Used with authors permission
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Midi "Chasing Yesterday" is
used with permission 
and is copyright © 2001 Bruce DeBoer