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God Always Knows Best

A  station actually did this as a news story the other day....

   Atlanta Christian radio station "Praise 97.5" has a daily "Inspiration for the Day" segment on the Melissa Summers' show.

   She told how a U.S. soldier over in Iraq had asked everyone to pray for an end to the days of sand storms and torrential rains that were hindering their crossing of the Euphrates
Instead of stopping, as the prayers asked, they only grew 
more intense.  When they finally did stop, he noticed that the intense wind and rain had eroded much of the river's banks.
That's when he suddenly saw them.  Glinting in the sun. Everywhere.  Hundreds of them on the other side of the river.  Hundreds of round, metal discs slightly protruding from the sand.  Hundreds of deadly landmines that could have killed 
or maimed scores of our troops.   The storm had exposed 
them so they could be seen, avoided and easily cleared.

     God always knows best.  Always.

God bless,

Used with authors permission
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