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"Dragons In The Sand"

Soldiers fighting hand to hand. 
Tear's and blood will be shed in the sand. 
Fears are heightened for woman and man. 
Will we survive this horror in our land. 
This horror we fight in the sand, in a far away land.

I don't want to die. Is a soldiers cry. 
I don't want to kill. 
For that is not of Gods will.
In killing there is no thrill. 
But to serve my country I have to do there will.

To protect my country I have to protect all of who 
I love. 
Of which in my heart, I know that God understands 
from up above. 
Our country is our family for who we have to fight for, 
to protect them all. 
I have to force my self to be brave and stand tall.

To push my self past my fears to defend the country 
that I love. 
As I pray to God for his protection and his love. 
I also pray for his forgiveness, 
To have to break one of his ten commandments
 that will hurt my heart and his that is up above.

For I'm given no choice when it comes to defending my family and the country that I love. 
Please send us your angels and your beautiful white doves. 
For there will be so many reaching out for you father, a
nd for your love.

We wish that peace could come without having to fight with bombs and guns. 
But we don't have your power as you had given your 
We can't make miracles like your son.

Some of us will not make it home to our mothers, 
Fathers, grandparents, lives, daughters and sons. 
Each of us prays that we are not the unlucky ones. 
But in reality we know that we might be one of the 
unlucky ones.

Father for those of us who may not make it back home. 
We don't want our families to feel pain and suddenly alone. 
Please let them know that our love for them will come home. 
For love never dies. 
Of a soldier who had no choice of his destiny that in 
front of him lies

Dragons in the sand we are about to be. 
Dragons in the sand from all different countries. 
Dragons in the sand who love and miss there families. 
Dragons in the sand who will do what we have to do to get love,
Freedom and peace for all of our countries.

Dragons in the sand who wish that there was a better way. 
So no one would have to die in such a horrific way. 
So that our soldiers could be home safe with there 
loved ones 
And not have to be so far away.

Many tears will be shed by and for the Dragons in the sand. 
From all the different countries that are forced to fight in 
a far away land. 
So for God and the people united we soldiers stand. 
As our lives are in Gods gentle hands.

Innocent people might be killed because of Saddam Hussein 
And Bin Laden in a far away land. 
That are of Satan's evil plan. 
To have power over all the countries people and the 


Author Arlene R. Szynal

Please stand up for our soldiers. 
Please pray for our soldiers and the innocent people 
that no one will die. 
That no people or soldiers will have to cry 
"In God Our Faith Lies" For He Too Cries.