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United We Stand, Divided WeFall

I have heard that saying since I was a kid, but I am not sure I ever put much thought into it until recently.  We are clearly a nation divided when it comes to the subject of war with Iraq.  I think the only thing we can agree on is nobody wants to have a war.  I do not believe President Bush wants to go to war, but he feels it is  necessary and I for one will support what our Commander-in-Chief feels is  best for our country.  None of us can be naive enough to think they have told us everything.  Our leaders truly think if we are going to be safe from attack, this is necessary. The thought of war sends cold chills down my spine.  I have a 19-year old son and the idea of him going off to fight literally makes me sick to  my stomach...but then again, so do the still-vivid images of planes flying into the World Trade Center.  Do we know for a fact whether or not Saddam Hussein had anything to do with that? To me, the more important question is: Can we take the risk? I will not allow myself to forget what happened on the morning of September 11th, 2001.  Ten days or so later, George Bush told the nation we would begin the fight against terrorism.  He told us "We will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail."  And he assured every leader of every country if they supported terrorism, we would come after them. We all rejoiced in those words.  Tears rolled down my cheeks when I heard him say that.  They were, in fact, words we needed to hear and frankly, we WANTED to hear. 


Now less than a year and a half later, many in our country seem to be surprised.  Some even question why we're doing this.  I will not debate the "should we or shouldn't we" question.  I just know that we have to UNITE. That means unite behind the people we elected to lead us in good times and bad.  Perhaps the reason we were so vulnerable that fateful September day was due to the lack of being strong.  Fear of reprisal is a huge motivator when dealing with cowards like Osama bin Laden. 
I believe with all my heart the goal on September 11th was to kill 100,000 Americans or more.  I beg you to close your eyes and visualize those planes going into the buildings.  Remember the images of the people who  jumped out of the burning inferno?  Admit it, you were horrified...and most  of us cried.  But we found strength and we UNITED as a country. So many  people wanted to buy American flags that within 24 hours the stores were  sold out. 


Where are those feelings today? 


No matter HOW you feel about war with Iraq, we are sending a VERY dangerous message to the world that we are vulnerable.  I can only imagine how happy it makes the terrorists to see us divided like this.  I can see them laughing as they burn our sacred American flag. 


Let's face it...this war is going to happen no matter if we want it or not.  So I encourage all Americans to lock arms and show the world we are  strong and we want to remain free of the fear of dying like our brothers and sisters did in New York. 


I for one won't buy duct tape, nor store a hundred gallons of water...I just won't let Saddam or Osama or any of the rest of our enemies know I am scared.  For, you see, I am more afraid of the division inside our borders than an invasion from the enemy. 


As for Martin Sheen, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, and the rest of you "stars:"  The "little people" like myself and everyone else I know don't really give a darn what you think, so why don't you keep it to yourself? Your voices are no more valuable than ours and I resent you trying to divide our great country.  Channel the energy and publicity you love so much to  garner unity or pick some other cause with a POSITIVE helping  our veterans who have fought in previous wars, or supporting our police  officers and fire fighters. 


United we stand...divided we fall.  I will continue to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and believe ONE NATION, under God, is indivisible, and there will be liberty and justice for all.  I hope you'll join me. 


Sincerely, Jerry Reynolds Owner, PRESTIGE FORD, Garland Texas




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