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~ Daddys Gone ~

This is "our" favorite rocking chair,
nightly my daddy would rock me to sleep.
Always helped me say my prayers,
he would pray to God our souls to keep.

I was always safe in my dads arms,
thats where tonight I wish I to be.
But my daddy was suddenly called away,
to fight a war so others could be set free.

The night before he was to leave,
he took a flag down from his ole flag case.
The one he had cherished most of all,
memories of a better time and place.

He gently draped it across "their" rocker,
with a note attached...To My Child,
By the time your mom reads this to you,
I will have already traveled many miles. 

Take this flag and always remember,
when you miss me, part of me is still here.
At night when your ready to go to sleep,
cover up with it ...for daddy is always near.

Continue nightly to say your prayers,
make me proud of you while Im gone.
Continue to be my little ray of sunshine,
Daddy will try to not to stay away too long.

The child looked up to his mom,
through tears she held the note.
Come on mommy please dont cry,
Daddys with us...You saw what he wrote.

Come on mommy lets pray right now,
lets pray for everyone fighting for peace.
Lets pray for others whose loved ones are there,
that all this fighting will soon cease.

So together mother and child knelt down by the chair,
said a prayer to our Heavenly Father up above.
As they prayed they touched the flag,
a soft tender prayer of safety, protection, and love.

© Angela Wilson
Used with authors permission
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