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Iraqi Crisis Prayer - For Our Troops

Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray and 
confess that the Spirit of the Lord will 
rest upon our troops, as they go into harms
way. We pray and believe that no weapon 
formed against them shall prosper. We give 
you Lord all the praise and the glory. We 
pray the hedge of protection around them,
right now, in the name of Jesus. We thank 
You Father, that You will be a wall of fire 
around them and camp legions of angels around 
them, and we ask You to place Your protection
to keep them from all harm. 

Father, we pray 
that all the troops have made You, Lord, their 
refuge and fortress, that no evil shall fall 
on them and no accident will overtake them or
neither any affliction or any calamity come 
over them. We pray that Your angels will take 
charge over them to keep them in all Your Ways. 
We thank You Lord for this and we give You all 
the praise and glory. We unwrap all our men and 
women in our military, from the bonds of the 
wicked one's grasp and take our shield of faith 
to quench the fiery darts of the adversary that 
is going to come against them. 

Father, your Word 
says; that whatever We bind on earth is bound in 
heaven and whatever we loose on earth is loosed 
in heaven. We loose a hedge of protection around 
them this day, and the presence of all powers of 
Satan be bound, in the name of Jesus. Father, we 
also ask that You watch over our country, our 
people, and our homes, that they will be protected
from all harm, as we enter in these troubled times.

Father, we need
You more than ever right now, in 
the hearts of all people, and we ask that You draw 
them closer to You now, in the name of Jesus. Lord,
we plead the power of the blood of Jesus, asking 
You to manifest Your power and glory. We ask You 
on behalf of the citizens of these countries on 
both sides of this conflict. 

We stand in the gap 
for the people of Iraq, and ask You for an 
over flowing of Your goodness and glory in the 
lives of those we are praying for that they will
call on Your name and be saved. We ask You to 
make known Your salvation, and Your righteousness 
as You open it show in the sight of the world. 

Father, we 
are looking forward to the day of Your
coming, when all the earth will be filled with 
Your knowledge and Your Love. We pray this in 
the name of Jesus. AMEN! 

Prayer by Rev. Jim Clarke


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