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For My Son

One cold March day, 
the Army took my son away. 
He traveled to a faraway place
and now I can't see his precious face. 

We write letters and talk on the phone,
but all I can think of is when will he be home? 
I miss him so much my heart aches inside. 
But at the same time, my heart is filled with pride. 

He is fighting a war that I'm not sure is right, 
but with him my heart is every night. 
I pray and I pray that he will be safe
and back in our lives by God's good grace. 

God, keep him in your arms 
and protect him from harm. 
Please keep him healthy and strong, 
and bring him back quickly to where he belongs. 

Help him do his job the best that he can, 
and always help him to be a good man. 
I'm so very proud of the man that he has become
and will always have respect for this man I call son. 

Thank you God for giving him to me. 
He is the greatest gift there ever could be. 
I know that someday you will take him away, 
but please, please God, don't let it be today. 


~Deb Hagerty ~
Breckenridge, MI
(Son - Bradley Robb, PFC, U.S. Army, Baghdad, Iraq)
©used with permission, 2004


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