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An Earnest Prayer

God bless our fighting troops everywhere
And let each one of them know we care
And we appreciate what they are doing there
Lord bring them home safely is our prayer

Dear Lord lead them on to victory
They fight that we all may remain free
Lord, may we forever and ever be
United against freedom's enemy

Lord,there are some who do not believe
You are the Giver of blessings we receive
The author of all  good things we achieve
For those unbelievers Lord we grieve

Lord,we realize tha America is not a perfect place
There are many who still judge people by their race
Not by their character but the color of their face
Dear Lord please change that by Your Grace

Lord, please make us all somehow realize
We have always been equal in your eyes
No matter what color, what shape or size
Let us all watch hatred as it dies

Lord, our hopes and dreams are all with You
Please lead us in all we say and do
We need Your strength and love to turn to
To lift us up and our faith renew

Jack Young(C)3/27/03
Used with authors prmission
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