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Always In The Heart
I sit here tonight
with thoughts of you.
Wishing you were here with me
like I always do.

I know that we will be together
again some day.
When that day comes we will have nothing but
smiles on our faces and our skies no longer grey.

In this time that we are apart,
I know that we are in one anothers heart.
We always will be, 
just like we were from the start.

You are a part of me, 
and I am a part of you.
That is something so special 
and very true.

Your gentle touch 
I miss so much.
How could someone 
keep something away from us,
that is so precious as such.

I do know, when there is a will 
there is a way.
I promise you we will be together 
forever again one day.

Until then, always remember 
that I love you forever.
Also know, that is something 
none can take away, ever!!
~© Tonya Garrett~