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A Little Boy's Question

 A little boy looked up to his Mommy
 And asked ," Where did my Daddy go?"
 "I wish he was still here with me'
 "Cause Mommy I love  him so."

 "Daddy sure did look sad Mommy"
 "When he hugged us both that day"
 "He promised he would come back soon"
 "And I sure hope it is today"

 The  Mommy looked down sadly
 And searched for words to say
 To try to help him understand
 Why Daddy had to go away.

 How do you tell a four year old
 His Daddy is gone off to war
 How do you explain to him
 What his Daddy if fighting for

 She finally decided to tell him
 "Your Daddy had to go
 Because he wants to keep us safe
 For he really loves us so"

 "Daddy told me to tell you
 That he wasn't  ever far away
 That he is kneeling there right beside you
 Each  night when you kneel down to pray"
 The little looked up at his Mommy
 And said, " I know that Mommy for you see
 Every time I talk to Jesus at night
 I feel Daddy  right next to me"

 The Mommy picked the little boy up
 And held him close to her breast
 And said, " Let's talk to jesus right now
 For He always knows what is best

 The little boy looked up toward Heaven and said
 "Lord, please my Daddy home safe again
 For I love him so and I need him
 And I love you too Lord-Amen"

 Jack Young(C)3/21/03
Used with authors permission
March 23rd 2003


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