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A Child's Prayer for Peace 

Dearest God  help them see
That war is not the wat to Thee.
Why can't leaders understand
And live in peace throughout the land.

You gave us all the gidt of life
To live in joy and not in strife
To share our love with creatures too
For they are also born of You

You give us food to meet our needs
Mother Nature She all feeds
We are Thy children of Divine birth
Born of One Mother, Mother Earth.

If all armies stopped to pray
And really listened to what You say
They would realise they kill their brothers
And leave in tears Fathers and Mothers.

They'd stop all violence and turn to You
And let Thy love guide them through
They'd destroy instead all tools of war
And with Thy Holy Spirit soar.

Words and music by Mary Hession
Visit Mary's site here: 
 Living Sounds